16-week mentorship programme for qualfied personal trainers

Next Intake: Spring 2020

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Learn inside and outside the classroom

64 hours seminars + in-house coaching

Every week at our studio and lecture room in Covent Garden

48 hours coursework + study  

Study in between seminars with our online lectures and reading list

3 professional development meetings

One-to-one meetings with your assigned mentor to ensure you get full support

Access to a private Facebook community

Ask questions, get support and connect with your fellow students 

CPD Accedited

Competing the Academy with a pass will award you 35 CPD points.

Fast-track application to become a SIX3NINE trainer

Recieve preferential treatment on our career prospects

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"If you want a place where the trainers are experts in their field, SIX3NINE is the one."

What you'll learn in 16 weeks

Spring 2020

Developing your 'Why'

Advanced Training

Assessments + Consultations

Successful Programming

Advanced Nutrition

Delivering Effective Coaching Sessions

Meet our graduates

Hannah Tyldesley, SIX3NINE Academy Graduate 2018

Personal Trainer, Influncer and Lululemon Ambassador  

Charlotte Tooth, SIX3NINE Academy Graduate 2017

Personal Trainer of 5 years, Professional Dancer  


Ashling Kavanagh, SIX3NINE Academy Graduate 2018 Personal Trainer  

"I know I am not speaking alone when I say that the course went above and beyond expectations, mainly due to the endless effort the team gave us from the beginning.

Dan is a goldmine of information. He is a very engaging speaker and always provided great feedback to any comments or questions we brought up at the table. He makes everything crystal clear and has a way of getting you excited about nutrition.

Clint went absolutely above and beyond for me throughout the duration of the course. No matter what time of day, or day of the week, (Sunday night included) Clint would take my calls and answer my messages. Anytime I sent him one of my countess drafts for the case studies, he would respond with utmost haste, with practical and encouraging feedback. He always made me feel like I was his priority

Russ is a bank of information when it comes to coaching and is miles and miles ahead of the rest of the game. I have so much respect for him and is consistently striving to develop himsef and his peers.

What has been set in motion at SIX3NINE is a complete game changer. The course is worth its weight in gold and I am confident it will only get better. I've now signed up for the graduate scheme, so they won't be getting rid of me anytime soon!"

Course Breakdown

  • Course Introduction  
  • Squat and Hinge (Practical)  
  • Introduction to Managing Behaviour Change (Seminar)  
  • Push and Pull (Practical)  
  • Nutrition Physiology (Seminar 1/2)  
  • Lunge and Rotation (Practical)  
  • Nutrition Coaching (Seminar 2/2)  
  • Isolation and Calisthenics (Practical)  
  • Programming - Session Design (Seminar 1/2)  
  • Hypertrophy and Strength for General Population (Practical)  
  • Programming - Long Term Programme Design (Seminar 2/2)  
  • Mobility for General Population (Practical)  
  • Delivering Effective Client Consultations (Seminar)  
  • Coaching Sessions (Practical)  
  • Developing Your Approach (Seminar)  
  • Coaching Sessions (Practical) 
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What qualifications do I need to apply?  

In order to benefit from the academy, all we ask is that you are a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer. If you haven't yet qualified, our workshops are a fantastic stepping stone to give you a taste of how we work. You can browse them here.  

Do I need to live in London?  

Although it's not essential for you to live in London, the practical coaching and seminars will be based in Covent Garden so you'll need to be available to visit us once every two weeks.  

How much study time will I need to do outside of the contact hours?  

Approximately 6-12 hours per fortnight will be sufficient to get through the reading materials however work with clients or case studies will be the main focus. The more time spent practically applying sections of the academy through-out the better.  

Full tuition fees

Single Payment £1400

4 Installments £350

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